Branden Klayko Civic Advocacy Award


Branden Klayko

Branden Klayko was an enthusiastic advocate for making Louisville a better place in which to live. He published a popular blog called "Broken Sidewalk" which provided development news, background history, and preservation efforts. Wise beyond his years, Branden was on the LHL Board of Directors. His valiant battle against cancer was lost in 2017, at just 32 years of age. To continue his passion and vision into the future, this award was initiated in 2018 to recognize an individual who shared Branden's characteristics.

2018 Recipient: Sheldon Shafer

Sheldon Shafer was the urban development reporter for the Courier-Journal newspaper. He covered new project announcements, provided profiles of those in the development and architectural professions, and other related activities.  Sheldon was the "print" version of Branden's digital blog.  Sheldon retired from the Courier-Journal in 2017. 

2019 Recipient: Doug Proffitt

Doug Proffitt, WHAS TV 11 news anchor for his 30 plus years career that featured many history and preservation events. Doug is a Louisville native and is a passionate advocate for the city.  He and Branden worked together on several preservation news reports. 

2020 Receipient

To be announced at the 2020 LHL Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sunday in March, 2020.

2021 Recipient

To be announced at the 2021 LHL Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sunday in March, 2021.

2022 Recipient

To be announced at the 2022 Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sunday in March, 2022.