Martha Elson Neighborhood advocacy award


Martha Elson

Martha Elson was a reporter for the Courier-Journal newspaper for almost 40 years. Martha covered mainly neighborhood-related activites. She wrote thousands of articles featuring neighborhood residents, developments, and other civic happenings. Martha was also an advocate for historic preservation and always wrote an article on any pending demolition of a distinctive building. She was a great friend of the League. 

2018 Recipient: Mike Zanone

Mike Zanone lives in the St. Joseph neighborhood (near Preston & Eastern Parkway). He gives tours of his neighborhood and he also gives re-enactments of legendary Louisvillians such as baseball slugger Louis Rogers 'Pete' Browning, for whom Louisville Slugger was named. Mike is passionate about local history and also gives tours of area cemeteries. 

2019 Recipient: Charles 'Chip' Rogalinski

Charles 'Chip' Rogalinski is a passionate advocate for the history of his Shelby Park neighborhood.  He has led the effort to install over five (5) historical markers as well as a large banner for Hollywood legend Victor Mature, who grew up in this neighborhood. Chip encourages building renovations and preservation projects. 

2020 Recipient

To be announced at the 2020 LHL Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sunday in March 2020

2021 Recipient

 To be announced at the 2021 LHL Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sunday in March 2021

2022 Recipient

 To be announced at the 2022 LHL Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sunday in March 2022